There is a reason why we are who we are, and do what we do and that reason is our people.

From warehousing to marketing, logistics, product development and even customer care we hunt for the best people doing
extraordinary things and don’t stop until we find them. Only a special type of unicorn knows how to make FUN daily,
and we have a knack for finding them all.

Check out some of the Bensons Family below.

Marcus Atkinson

Executive Chairman

Marcus has been at the helm of Bensons Trading since the early 70s, and now under his leadership we continue to be the leading provider of showbags in Australia. Marcus has seen the industry change and diversify over the years, and has proudly led the way with innovation and partnerships that have lasted the test of time. Unsurprisingly, Marcus loves a challenge and makes any big business decision look like a walk in the park, but while he is a fearless leader at work, his real passion lies in heart of his family. (Psst, You may see some of them at the show).

Jeff Keighran


Jeff brings a wealth of brand and toy experience to the Bensons team. Hailed as one of the most respected, innovative and ambitious figures in our industry, Jeff has grown many global brands in the past 40 years, and understands the intricacies of distribution across many channels. (heck, he deserves his own presentation).

Samantha Atkinson

General Manager of Retail

Samantha is a revolutionary in the industry and it’s been said that Showbags run through her blood. Always striving for the next big thing, Sam never stops until the best deals are secured and the biggest brands call Bensons home. Oh, did we mention that Sam has also won the ATA Rising Star of the Year Award?

Michael Atkinson

Michael is a highly experienced and knowledgeable member of the Bensons Trading team, having been born into the business and growing up with a deep understanding of all aspects of the company. With his extensive expertise in various areas, he currently handles the purchasing for all parts of the business, ensuring that the company has the necessary supplies and inventory to operate smoothly. Michael’s dedication and commitment to Bensons Trading have played a critical role in the company’s success, making him an integral part of the team. His passion for the business and wealth of experience make him a valuable asset to the company.

Debbie Hambly

Events Manager

When passion, organisational skill and a challenger mindset combine, you’ve found yourself a talented triple threat. Or, a Debbie as we say. Debbie started out with Bensons in 2001, and now leads a team of 70+ as our General Manager of Events. Debbie has a knack for problem-solving, and her committment and leadership turns difficulty into opportunity. At the shows you can find Debbie amongst all the action, and loves nothing more than travelling the country selling our showbags.

Jonathan Volkers

Director of Sales

Jonathan always has his eye on the next big opportunity. He has been a permanent fixture at Bensons for 9 Years now, coming from senior roles within the amusement industry. Instrumental for many of our successes within the redemption and showbag market, Johnathan knows what it takes to make products work and customers happy.

Rebel Ruby

Head of Product Development & Marketing

Rebel has been part of the Bensons family for over 10 years and is a well respected member of the senior management team. She keeps the product and marketing teams ticking with her masterful project management skills connecting suppliers, licensors and various stakeholders to ensure timelines are met across the business. Rebel has an innate ability to create innovative product that families desperately want.

Harry Prasad

Harry is a highly accomplished accounting professional with a wealth of experience spanning over 18 years, and a proven track record of success working for multi-dimensional organizations. His expertise includes business partnering, financial analysis, ERP system implementation, and risk management. Throughout his career, Harry has demonstrated exceptional skills in managing complex financial operations and partnering with cross-functional teams to drive business results. His extensive experience in financial analysis and risk management has helped to mitigate risks and optimize financial performance.

Dani Tracina

Licensing Manager

Dani is an experienced Licensing Manager with a demonstrated history of licensed product development and brand management across children’s and preschool properties. Meticulous attention to detail, Dani has an eye for design unlike anyone else in the Bensons team and has strong relationships with key stakeholders in the industry.

David Court

Account Manager

David has been at Bensons for nearly 3 years, and previously worked at Village Roadshow. At Bensons he manages the amusement category and works closely with all departments to ensure a . His industry knowledge and contact base is unbeatable and always goes over and above to ensure that every customer receives a high level of service.

Sarah Harris

Sarah is an exceptional sales professional who has been a valuable member of the Bensons Trading team. She has demonstrated a deep understanding of the company’s products and services, as well as a keen ability to connect with clients and understand their needs. As a leader in the sales team, Sarah takes an active role in helping to guide and mentor her colleagues, always willing to lend a hand or provide advice. Her exceptional customer service skills have helped to establish and maintain strong relationships with clients, and her efforts play a vital role in keeping things running smoothly at Bensons Trading.

Tuey Jones

Tuey has been a valued member of the Bensons Trading team for the past few years, where she has played a crucial role in the sales team handling key accounts. With her strong attention to detail and dedication to delivering excellent customer service, Tuey has become a trusted and reliable team player. In her time at Bensons Trading, she has consistently demonstrated her ability to build and maintain strong relationships with clients, resulting in successful and lasting partnerships.